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Who I am

Just some dreamers making films...

I began to film when my daughter Raminta grew up. Then I didn’t expect it to become the hobby. At that time, I was still filming the bands, and when the digital video comes up, I started editing clips with graphics.

Nowadays everyone can film with at least a smartphone  videos and create fascinating and spectacular movies.

As the form of visual content, individuals and businesses are more popular, it is important to film their activity reports, deliver products, introduce an audience with innovations, or respond to issues of concern.  

The creation of attractive and quality visuals is a series of technical and creative solutions that I am willing to share.

Viktoras Tauta

My Services

Let's work & dream together


Professional Filming

Video reports, trailers, reviews, explanatory and cognitive, product and study videos, demonstrations, communications and events, and what you would like to capture.


Editing & Graphics

The Professional computer program Adobe Premiere Pro - mounted materials, waste color correction, graphic design, animation and text.

Sounding design

Sound is one of the most important items in video production. There may not be an image of the best quality, but poorly-known video will be less attractive.

Featured Films

Just some dreams we proud of...

How I work

I am doing what gives me space for activity creation, innovation searching, what causes energy waves, not fatigue. I love the dynamics as the engine of life.

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Vilnius, Lithuania



(+370) 698 44077